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Thought you guys might appreciate knowing some of the odd things that happen in Hong Kong, so here we go:

  • Nearly everywhere you go in the busy parts of Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui I got offered a knock off watch or a tailor (I’m obviously badly dressed – no comments please).
  • They use bamboo for scaffolding, it’s amazing!
  • Every night at 8pm the lights on all the Hong Kong Island main building flash in time to music that’s played on the waterfront and broadcast over the radio.
  • They have double decker trams, apparently this is the only place in the world that does.
  • Despite all the pictures you may have seen of the famous red-sailed Junk boat, there is only one left.
  • They like making a mess with their food!
  • You get a decent sized beer when eating in the markets! 🙂
Bamboo being used for scaffolding

Bamboo being used for scaffolding


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Hong Kong

We spent 3 (ish) days/ 2 nights in Hong Kong. It was the most crazy and busy place we have ever been. There were adverts and lights everwhere. People rushing around and speaking really fast in languages we don’t understand.

We arrived in Hong Kong at their lunch time. We got picked up at the airport and dropped off at the hotel (the Kowloon Metropark hotel). The airport was very clean and easy to navigate. The signs were in both chinese and English. The hotel was clean and modern. Looks ugly from the outside but was nice inside. They were also kind enough to refund the night we missed due to our delay at Heathrow which is brill.

Day one: We went to Kowloon park, bought some snacks for lunch and relaxed in the park. We were a bit tired so it was lovely to relax and people watch. We saw lots of wildlife too, including green parrots and flamingos. We then took a stroll down to the water front and took in the skyline whilst watching the sunset. The skyline was so impressive and even though we had never really looked at any pictures of Hong Kong we recognised it instantly. We sat on the look out point next to the Star Ferries and watched all the lights come on on Hong Kong Island. We were not aware of the light display that they do every night so it was a wonderful surprise. The lights were so impressive. We then walked back to our hotel via the Golden Mile and Temple Street night market which were both buzzing. The market was very interesting full of clothes, Jade, food and bits and bobs but we did not buy anything. We ate at the Market street cafe which seemed to be a regular hit the locals. The custom is to spit anything you don’t want to eat (fat etc) out onto the table. It was a very noisey meal but lots of fun.

Day Two: We spent day two on Hong Kong island itself. We wanted to go on the only Junk boat left in Hong Kong which sails on set days and needs to be booked in advance. I phoned the booking office and was told that they had no more spaces. We caught the Star Ferry over to the island (sitting on the upper deck) and went to watch the Junk sail as it was such an icon of Hong Kong. As we were watching someone sad they didn’t want their tickets and let us have them. We were delighted and set sail up river on the Junk. It was a lovely boat (just like a mini pirate ship). We got about 45 mins on the boat and a great tour of the river viewing each side of the bank.

In the afternoon (after gorging ourselves on the most delicious cakes in a posh recommended hotel) we travelled aroung the city centre on the travelator. The largest escalator in the world, which allows commuters quicker access up and down the hill. It bisects all the streets in the centre. We then walked around Hong Kong park and caught the tram up to Victoria peak. The view from the top was awesome. We ate in one of the restaurants looking at the view and spent a while walking around the viewing platform taking it all in.

The view of Hong Kong Island from Victoria Peak

The view of Hong Kong Island from Victoria Peak


Day three: airport and that’s about it!

All in all. Hong Kong was exhausting but fab. We want to go back someday!

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We’re in Hong Kong!

After spending about 12 hours in Heathrow airport & due to flight delays a night in a posh hotel (courtesy of Cathay Pacific) we finally left for Hong Kong at 1430 on Thursday and arrived safely on Friday morning.

The hotel is lovely and Hong Kong is a crazy place! Really enjoyed our first day and the view of Hong Kong island’s sky scrapers lit up at night.  Done lots already and hoping to go up Victoria’s Peak today. 

Will put up more info soon!

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