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It’s approaching the time that it is right for us to leave the UK again and resume our travels down under.  After some very long phone calls to the airlines we have managed to book our tickets back to Oz including a four day stopover in Singapore.  Hopefully this time our flights won’t be delayed, unlike our Hong Kong ones, and we’ll actually get to spend all of this time checking out the city.

Our flight to Singapore is booked for 26th April and the flight to Brisbane, Australia is on 1st May.  We are staying at quite a new hostel in Singapore, that seems to be getting a lot of good reviews so far, called G4 Station.  It is quite a centrally located place that should allow us to make the most of our time there and experience the many different aspects of Singapore.

So far I think I’m most excited about the food but the botanic gardens and rainforest also sound great.  We’re both looking forward to seeing another Asian city and its culture.


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As we said before it was essential that we returned home quickly for family reasons.  After some quick planning and a bit of help from some friends we managed to book tickets on a Wednesday and arrived back in Plymouth on the Friday – not bad, eh?

Although the trip went smoothly, it was a bit too intense.  We left Yamba at 1am on Thursday having said our goodbyes to everyone and finished our last minute packing.  We caught the Greyhound coach to Brisbane and then got the shuttle bus to the airport where we had a few hours to kill after checking in.  We then got on our plane and we were off to Singapore!  The flight was OK but we hit some major turbulence in the last few hours which made us both feel sick.

Once we were at Singapore airport we had a three hour wait ’til the next flight.  By this time we were exhausted from lack of sleep and the stress of trying to get home in time.  We got some food and sat down for a bit.  Ruth was tired so I suggested she get a power nap in whilst I keep an eye on the time.  She woke up about an hour later to find me asleep too!  Luckily we still had loads of time to get to our gate and we boarded the flight to London.

Apart from the food, this flight was fine.  Ruth fell asleep before we had even taken off and was pretty much out of it for the whole flight and I switched between staring out the window and watching films.

We arrived back in the UK at about 5am.  It had been 24 hours since we took off in Brisbane.  The quickest way back to Plymouth was to get a coach to Reading and then the train to Plymouth.  I nearly passed out when we were told that two singles to Plymouth on the train were £200 but it was important we got home and so we paid up and got some brekky whilst we waited for the train.  The station was bloody freezing!  Good ol’ English winter, how nice to be back!

A few hours later we were back in Plymouth and Ruth’s Mum picked us up from the train station.  We were knackered, out of it, skint, cold and hungry but we had made it back in time and we went off to be with my family.

The journey is not something either of us wish to repeat but it was worth it.  We’ll be back in with family Plymouth for a while but we will be heading back to carry on with out trip soon(ish).

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Wow, it’s been (just over) a month already!  We feel like we’ve seen loads but when you look at a map we’ve hardly been anywhere.  It’s been great to be out here but it does feel odd walking around in t-shirt & shorts in November and December.  Got lots more exciting stuff planned and we’ll do a catch up on the blog soon to let you know what we’ve been up to recently.

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Leaving On a Jet Plane!

We are on count down now. In a few hours time we will be on our way. Is not feeling real yet but the excitment is kicking in from time to time. Fingers crossed, here we go.

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We’re Back in Plymouth

What an exhausting few weeks it’s been!  We’ve finally finished work, said our goodbyes to our Bournemouth friends and colleagues and moved out of our flat.  We had a great leaving do at Jazz Juice on Bournemouth pier and loads of people dressed for the occasion (which made out night).

After a long weekend of packing and moving we’re now living out of suitcases with our families in Plymouth and preparing to go in just two weeks!  Woohoo!

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Six Weeks to Go!

Last night during our pub quiz (at the good ol’ Brit) we realised that there are only six weeks until we fly! Eeek!

Obviously, we’re pretty excited (slight understatement) but there is also a lot we have still got to do before we leave Bournemouth at the end of September to go back to Plymouth, and then there’s more to do after that! We are getting there slowly though (anyone want to a buy a 2 or 3 seater sofa?) having handed in our notice on our lovely flat, bought a lot of the stuff we’ll need and being jabbed by the nurse at our local Drs surgery (I particularly enjoyed the day-long ‘dead arm’ that the Typhoid shot gave me).

Looks like it’ll be another weekend of sorting through our stuff and picking out bits to throw away / give to charity, what fun!

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Thanks to a guy named Rob at Travel Mood, Ruth and I booked our one-way ticket to Brisbane, Australia last Monday! 😀

We leave the UK on 22nd October on a 12 hour night flight to Hong Kong where we’re staying for 3 and-a-bit days to have a nose around.  Then, we’re off to Brisbane on a (thankfully) shorter night flight to Brisbane on 26th October, meaning that October 27th 2008 will be mine and Ruth’s first day in Oz! Woohoo!

142 days to go!

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