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So.  We’re in Brisbane.  Again.  This time though we’re not going near the airport and we already have a car and so we can just enjoy the city.  One of the main things I wanted to do was go climbing. I had tried on our previous visit to Brisbane but for one reason and another had been unable to go. This time I was really keen to make it happen. I rang the climbing club from Burleigh heads and booked myself in.

Two hours after arriving back in Brisbane we were at the climbing cliffs. The climbing in Brisbane is at Kangaroo Point on the Brisbane river. The cliffs are open to the public however a club goes every Wednesday night from 6pm and you can pay to join in. As I didn’t have any of my kit this was my only option.

I had never climbed at night before and thought that it was strange that they climb after dark however I was informed that the gentle flood lighting makes it possible and you don’t really notice the difference. I thought I would give it a go and it would be a couple of firsts in one – my first Australian climb and my first night climb.

I am not sure what the rock was and nobody was able to tell me. It was sharp in places but was polished on the areas that were well climbed. I did three climbs and was exhausted by the end. I am obviously out of practise. The climbs were quite difficult in places which I liked as it really made me think. They were a picture of Australian grades from 15-17. Not sure what that means in real money.

Climbing at Kangaroo Point

Climbing at Kangaroo Point

Climbing with the city of Brisbane as a back drop was amazing. I would be climbing and concentrating on what I was doing then I would get to a ledge for a breather look around and remember where I was. I could then gaze on the amazing city landscape all lit up while catching my breath. On one of the climbs when I got to the top there was a fruit bat flying above my head. I loved it!

Climbing at night was weird. The flood lighting worked a little bit but you couldn’t really look at the rock and see where the moves were as there were too many shadows to detect the detail. The flood lighting was behind you which meant that you cast a shadow on the rock. I couldn’t see my feet which was very strange. It was definitely an experience though.

I am really looking forward to my next Australian climb, hopefully the next one will be a day time one.


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