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My name is Jo. I was born in Plymouth back in '82 and grew up (well, tried to) there until 2000 when I left for Bournemouth to go to university. I studied Software Engineering Management at Bournemouth University for four years, after which I got a job as a Web Designer for a Poole based Web site company. Oh, and I grew a beard. That's enough of the history though, as after another four years, I am winding down from being the head of the company's main office Design and Delivery team and traveling around Australia and New Zealand with my girlfriend Ruth. We flew out in late October. Apart from my family and friends, I miss my guitars the most! I've played for over fifteen years (not that you'd be able to tell!) and have been in several bands in both Plymouth and Bournemouth. Luckily, I'll have the lovely South Pacific waves to surf to take my mind off of my lonely guitars back home, all I need to do is buy a surfboard! Other than music and surfing, I'm into longboarding (though I'm not keen on the injuries), sport, exploring and most things fun!

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