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It’s approaching the time that it is right for us to leave the UK again and resume our travels down under.  After some very long phone calls to the airlines we have managed to book our tickets back to Oz including a four day stopover in Singapore.  Hopefully this time our flights won’t be delayed, unlike our Hong Kong ones, and we’ll actually get to spend all of this time checking out the city.

Our flight to Singapore is booked for 26th April and the flight to Brisbane, Australia is on 1st May.  We are staying at quite a new hostel in Singapore, that seems to be getting a lot of good reviews so far, called G4 Station.  It is quite a centrally located place that should allow us to make the most of our time there and experience the many different aspects of Singapore.

So far I think I’m most excited about the food but the botanic gardens and rainforest also sound great.  We’re both looking forward to seeing another Asian city and its culture.


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