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Six Weeks to Go!

Last night during our pub quiz (at the good ol’ Brit) we realised that there are only six weeks until we fly! Eeek!

Obviously, we’re pretty excited (slight understatement) but there is also a lot we have still got to do before we leave Bournemouth at the end of September to go back to Plymouth, and then there’s more to do after that! We are getting there slowly though (anyone want to a buy a 2 or 3 seater sofa?) having handed in our notice on our lovely flat, bought a lot of the stuff we’ll need and being jabbed by the nurse at our local Drs surgery (I particularly enjoyed the day-long ‘dead arm’ that the Typhoid shot gave me).

Looks like it’ll be another weekend of sorting through our stuff and picking out bits to throw away / give to charity, what fun!


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